Littlewood and Moses
we are more than just a brand, we are a lifestyle


‘I’m sorry Lads, but you’re going to get nowhere in life wearing converse and jeans..’

Sometimes in life people will try to make you fit in, they’ll try and make you take the path they believe is correct, they attempt to convince you to be normal.. well, lets just say, we don't listen to these people, they just encourage us to prove them wrong!

Littlewood and Moses is the cumulation of a mutual dream, it’s more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle; it’s a lifestyle for the dream chasers, for those willing to escape normality, step out from the 9-5 and seek something different. From the very start of L&M, we decided we’d do it our way, we’d stay chilled, we’d enjoy the ride and we’d just see where the road leads - with friendship at the heart of our brand, we enjoy everyday of what we now call ‘work’ and find happiness in the simplicity of life’s adventure. For us there’s nothing better in life than road trips with friends, a few beers with our buddies or watching the sunset with our loved ones and these are therefore the things we find the most inspiration from.. the simple moments.

Our products thus reflect our lifestyle and inspirations, and through these products we aim to create a community of like minded individuals - so turn the music up, throw on a comfy tee, and join the journey, we’re waiting for you..

Love and Peace

Josh and Mat. x


The Dream Chaser Tee - Red
The Dream Chaser Tee - Blue
The 97 Original Tee
Leather Key Chain
Leather Bracelet
Limited Edition Prints

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