Get Started Online - Part 1

Whether you are a freelancer, starting a business or just want to get your work out there, building yourself a web presence is one of the most daunting but important steps you can take!

To get a website online you will need three main components - A domain name, a design and web hosting. Any website will need all three of these parts, and over the next couple of posts we’ll be breaking down each of these components and discussing the options available for each.

First of all - your domain name. This will be that address that your site visitors will type into the browser address bar to find you (it will also be the suffix to your email address, for example…

When it comes to choosing a domain name, it's really up to you! It has to be unique and the shorter it is the more expensive it will be, but aside from that, you have free reign over this decision. While a few years ago having a .com domain name over a variant could position you differently on search engines such as Google, this is no longer a defining factor, and so domain extensions such as .xyz and .io have become much more popular and can be found at a much lower cost. Do also bear in mind though that you will likely only ever ‘rent’ a domain name, so this will be a monthly/yearly recurring payment starting as low as £0.49/mo and increasing into the £1000s/mo range for more desirable names.

And remember that often your visitors will never actually need to type in your domain name. Most if not all will visit your website either through a like or their browser will auto-fill your domain name in for them when they start typing, so get creative. is a great place to start looking for your perfect domain name.

In part two of this post we will be dicussing getting a design sorted and developed ready to go live!