Littlewood And Moses

My latest project, Littlewood and Moses, has been a great opportunity to both flex my (digital) muscles, as well as pursue a completely new adventure with a great buddy, Mat.

Setting up L&M was a dream of both of ours, and is really progressing in the brand we wanted it to be! I think I speak for both Mat and I when I say that we are both super proud of the brand we have been able to create in this short amount of time and with little to no external help and investment.

Being half of the Littlewood and Moses pair, I am largely responsible for producing designs as well as creating, producing and maintaining our website, and I think we are now almost at a point where we are happy with it.

Just as a side note, I was thinking of producing a series of blog posts discussing how you can get your own website started either for your business, to start a blog or just to have your own place on the internet. If this is something you’re interesting in, be sure to hit me with an email or drop me a message on Instagram and let me know what would be most helpful for you!