Let me Introduce Oh! Flip

I know for the past few months I have been rather absent and the content here has been a little sparse, but there's good reason for that! For the past 2 months, I have been working on a new online product - Oh Flip.

Oh Flip is a cloud-based social revision platform built for students, with the goal of making exam revision quicker and more flexible than traditional revision. It incorporates a public sharing system which allows users to choose whether they would like to share revision materials they have created with other users. This means that Oh Flip will act as a library of revision materials that all users can access at any time and anywhere, without having to create their own.

In addition, instructors and teachers will be able to create the revision materials once and allow students to have easy access from anywhere.

Oh Flip was released just before Christmas, and as an ‘early bird’ offer, is completely free for life for anyone who creates and account during January 2018.

I’d love to hear any suggestions and feedback you have over on our TWITTER ACCOUNT

Check out Oh Flip HERE